Get over your fear of English TODAY!

Are you a professional who fears speaking English? Does your fear keep you from climbing the corporate ladder? Does it keep you from getting to know the people who could help you advance? Does your lack of confidence keep you from speaking up in meetings? Do you avoid making presentations because of it?

Many others feel the same way.You are not alone! There are lots of people like you!

This week alone, I have spoken with two new clients who suffered from this same fear. One commented that she had given up an incredible job opportunity in the States because she did not think she could handle the English requirements. The other is a qualified professional who lost her job and needs better English to get a decent job for someone with her expertise.

Both of these women told me about how they understand English well, but get stuck when they have to speak. They freeze and the words escape them.

This is common! I hear it all the time! I repeat, you are not alone!

So how you do you get rid of this fear? Here are five steps to get you started:

1)  Quit saying that you don’t speak good English. You’re English is infinitely better than most Believe in your abilities!Americans’ (Spanish, Mandarin, etc.). Stop selling your abilities short! You have a wider vocabulary than you think. Don’t worry if your pronunciation is not perfect. You can still get by much better than most Americans in your country.

2)  Make use of opportunities to practice. No matter if it’s in person or online, talk with other English speakers every chance you get. Go to workshops or seminars in English. Visit coffee shops where English speakers gather. Start up a conversation with someone in line at the post office. Put yourself in positions where you will have opportunities to improve.

IMG_09823)  Take classes. Online programs have come a long way over the years, but I still argue that face-to-face interaction is the best way to learn a language. If you can pay for a private tutor, even better. That way your teacher can focus on you. Your pronunciation doubts can be corrected. Your insecurities can be addressed. And, you can gain the insight of a native speaker who knows the culture.

4)  Keep a positive attitude! Tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS! Yes, you really can! No matter your age, income, or social status, you can learn to speak another language if you think you can. Focus on the positive! The more you tell yourself that you can, the quicker your skills will develop.

5)  Just do it! Forget about grammar rules and split infinitives. Don’t worry about your pronunciation. Just do it! What are you waiting for? START TODAY!

Don’t wait any longer! Begin celebrating the break-throughs and small accomplishments that you make on a daily basis. They will build into something bigger and more powerful—an IMPROVED YOU because you made the decision to leave fear aside and move forward. YOU decided to learn English and did it!

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To learn more about our custom-designed classes to help you get over this fear, contact Global Perceptions TODAY! Don’t put this off any longer! We have helped many others and can help YOU achieve your goals too! Call 787.455.7764 or email for your FREE consultation!






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